Rotadairon ROOG Seeder

ROOG 150-60 Seeder

Exceptionally precise slit seeder

The ROOG Seeder allows you to efficiently carry out your over-seeding operations. Each disc/injector assembly produces a clean cut and precise seed placement. This unique design allows us to offer you a compact machine with a contained weight allowing the selection of a tractor with less lifting capacity.

The slits are cut by cutting discs, placed on independent blocks which follow the profile of the ground. The injectors precisely deposit the seeds in these slits.

Precision sowing of classic ryegrass, fescue, etc. mixtures is obtained by volumetric adjustment of the grooved seeder via the time dial wheel.
The rear roller then closes the slits.

We are excited to offer this style of seeder that provides sports turf professionals with the ability to over seed more effectively, and ensure excellent seed to soil contact for effective germination and a strong root start.